Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Apple Unit Photo Dump {Part 1} with a FREEBIE!

We started our unit on apples this week, and the kids are loving it! The majority of the activities are from one of my recent packs, Apple Fun with Johnny Appleseed! I plan on doing another post about the rest of our activities in the next few days. So enjoy these pictures for now! :)

We started our week by reading about the little red house with no windows and no doors and a star inside. The kids LOVED this and thought it was super neat :)

We introduced and reviewed adjectives. We let our kiddos observe and taste red and green apples. Then we filled out this ginormous apple anchor chart together :)

And the next day, the kids made their Awesome Apple Adjective craftivities! I just love the way they turned out!

Yesterday we had our kids bring apples to school and then we graphed the color of apples they brought using my Apple Graph {FREEBIE}! There are two graphing options, as well as a parent note. Click on the picture to get your free copy :)

Today we used the kids' apples for measuring! The kids loved this activity and did such an awesome job! One of our kids said, "This is a lot of fun! I really like this activity!" Makes our hearts happy :) This activity allows them to measure using standard and nonstandard units. I have also included a blank page for you to fill in based on the materials you have available.

Next, we did was some quick apple experiments! The first was a simple "Sink or Float?" experiment! The kids made their predictions first. 19 thought it would sink, 22 thought it would float. Many of them were amazed that it floated! Then they wrote about the results :) {See record sheet below}

The next experiment was easy, too! You need at least two  apple slices. Soak Apple 1 in lemon juice. Don't put anything on Apple 2. Have your kids predict what will happen to each. We did this before lunch. Then after lunch and recess, we observed what happened. The kids could not believe that Apple 1 was almost exactly the same! And when we showed them Apple 2, we heard a chorus of "EWWWWW!!" because the apple had browned :) Again, they recorded the results using the record sheet below.

We also began learning about Johnny Appleseed-the whole reason for our apple unit! We filled out our KWL chart on the smartboard together.

We began reading several texts about Johnny Appleseed. If you have a subscription to BookFlix, there are two books about him! Woohoo! We are really working on comparing and contrasting the texts and making those text to text connections!! We also began talking about character traits! The kids think Johnny was gentle, kind, helpful, generous, giving, friendly, funny... They filled out this sheet after our two BookFlix stories.

We will continue learning about Johnny Appleseed, and then writing about what we learned!Tomorrow we are using the apples our kids brought to make applesauce! I cannot wait to eat that up! And our rooms will smell oh-so-yummy for round two of Parent-Teacher Conferences :) :)

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