Monday, November 18, 2013

Native American Activities

Last week, we Amy taught our kids all about different Native American cultures. I say Amy and not "we" because she is very knowledgeable and really did do most, if not all, of the teaching for this unit. It is also a subject that she is very interested in. And she did an amazing job, as always!

Each day we focused on a different region. We had a fact booklet that we read, and we read them different legends from each region, showed pictures, etc. I wanted to show you a couple of the activities we did for some of the regions!

For the Southwest region {which is where Amy is originally from} we made a giant pueblo village! We gave each student a piece of paper. They made their family's pueblo, and wrote one fact they learned at the bottom of the pueblo. Then we put it together on butcher paper!

"The pueblo girls learned to grind corn, bake, and weave."
For the Northwest region, we learned all about totem poles, and we had the kids make their own! They had to choose 4 people {or pets} that they wanted their totems to represent. Then they had to write a sentence about why each person {or pet} was important to them. They loved this activity and did a great job! You can get your free template from Enchanted Learning.
No unit is complete without a yummy activity, right?! After learning about the Plains region, we made edible tipis/tepees/teepees {our kids have seen every spelling for this word!} Each child needs an ice cream cone, about a teaspoon of icing, a few pretzel sticks and some m&ms! This was a huge hit, of course :)
This week we are learning about the Wampanoags and the Pilgrims, and instead of a traditional feast, we are going to eat like the Pilgrims did on the Mayflower {crackers, beef jerky, and cheese!} We will also have some turkey fun! If you are in need of some turkey fun, be sure to check out the packs below! Click on either picture :)

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