Monday, November 4, 2013

Spider Week! {LOTS of FREEBIES}

First off, the winner of Sweet Explorations is Stefanie! I just emailed your copy to you :)

We had a great week learning about spiders! This was such a high interest unit! The kids learned a lot. We read several nonfiction texts about spiders and filled out our can/have/are charts.

We made a graph to see who is afraid of spiders in our class {Mrs. Lynes and Mrs. Barreras are!!} You can pick up this freebie from my store {HERE}.
This idea was originally Cara's, but I had to modify it for my large team teaching class :)
We worked on repeated addition by rolling a dice, drawing that many spiders, and counting how many legs in all. The kids loved this. Dice makes everything more fun :) You can get that freebie {HERE}.

We worked on facts and opinions, spider style, with Amy Lemon's freebie! She has made a powerpoint of facts and opinions. We had our kids make an "F" or an "O" with their arms after we read each statement. Good, quick visual assessment. Then we did her fact and opinion sort.
We also used Amy Lemon's spider cinquain poem freebie. We made our spiders a little differently, but they still turned out super cute!

Lastly, we did our Spider Fact Booklet Craftivities! We used the larger version from this pack, and ohmiword, the kids did AWESOME. And it was the day after Halloween!! In this pack, there are a few different graphic organizers to differentiate for different levels of writing. Take a peek at some of their work!


Our hallway is covered in spiders, but at least they are stinkin' cute :) This week we will be learning about American symbols and Veterans! Have a great week!

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