Sunday, January 12, 2014

Gingerbread Fun! {a little late... !}

Before Christmas break, we had a few snow/ice days, so we decided to postpone our gingerbread unit until we got back from Christmas break. Which was nice, because all our plans were already ready :) We used many activities from my Gingerbread Fun pack! I am just going to share some of the highlights of the week {and ones I remembered to photograph!}

We read many versions of the Gingerbread Man throughout the week, and each day, the kids filled out a journal page in their Gingerbread Friends Journal. They had to draw the main character, write 4 of the other characters, write and draw the setting, write the refrain, and write about how the story ended. Of course I forgot to take pictures of their journals, but they did a great job! They were making lots of connections among all of the books and were able to see the similarities and the differences.


 We made a gingerbread graph. We gave each kiddo a cookie and they took one bite. Then we graphed what part of the cookie the class bit. They loved this activity! I cannot get this photo to flip for the life of me!!!! So sorry!

We used Abby's gingerbread science freebie to see what would happen if our gingerbread friend got wet. This activity was a big hit!

Before break, we sent a gingerbread friend home for our kiddos to disguise. Then they wrote a persuasive piece telling Mr. Fox why he shouldn't eat them. This home/school project is always a favorite! Here are just a few of the disguises! 

Next week is all about Martin Luther King, Jr., taking the CogAT {to see who will qualify for gifted & talented}, and testing, testing, testing for winter benchmarks {bleh}. Hope everyone has a fantastic week!

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