Sunday, March 9, 2014

Winner and NEW Spring/Easter Literacy Centers!

So what is your opinion on Daylight Savings? I like that it is lighter later, however, I hate that I lose an hour of my weekend :) It's going to be hard waking up tomorrow, and I am sure our kiddos will be extra tired!

I am on here real quick to announce my winner from my last post! Jamie, I hope Easter Bunny for Hire will help with your Easter party! I have emailed you a copy!

I also wanted to show you my new pack of literacy centers that would go great with my Spring Has Sprung pack! Check out Spring Fling! There are 9 literacy centers included, and they are spring and Easter themed. There are a couple that have spring and Easter versions. Click {HERE} to check it out, or on the first picture!

Hope everyone has a fabulous week! I imagine it is almost spring break for many of you {like me!}

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