Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Baby Lynes is a..... !!!!!

GIRL! We are having a sweet baby girl and we are so excited! We found out a week ago, although, she didn't want to show herself at first! 45 minutes and an orange Fanta later {bleh!} we finally got her to move those little legs :) After our appointment, we bought her first onsie and went to dinner with our families to share the big news. We had to eat the cupcakes before dinner because everyone was DYING to know. Plus, I knew I would accidentally say "she" at some point! I am 20 weeks along as of today... I cannot believe we are halfway there! Eeep!

Little Miss Princess is already spoiled. My mom, mother in law, sister in law, and I went shopping the next day. It was SO hard to not buy EVERYTHING. Girls are so much fun! :)

Amy had her observation today, so we thought it would be super fun to do a gender reveal at school! It has been KILLING me to not tell my kiddos, espcecially with all the teachers knowing! First we had the kids graph whether they thought Baby Lynes was a boy or girl.
We've been working on inferencing, so next we gave them clues so they could infer if Baby Lynes was a boy or girl. We gave them a clue, they used their schema, and they discussed with their table what they all thought. They filled out a record sheet as they got each new clue, and at the end they had to infer if it was a boy or girl, and write how they got to that inference! They were real excited!


Happy Hump Day, friends :) 


  1. Yay for a girl! Love love love how you turned such a fun time in your life as a great experience for your students also! Congrats!


  2. Too cute! I love the gender reveal in your class! How sweet :)

  3. Did you make the sheets? I love them! I was looking at them to do with my class!