Thursday, April 24, 2014

Edible Landforms Project!

Wow. It has been a sweet minute since I posted. I feel like baby girl has been consuming a lot of my free time, whether it be shopping, registering, or just reading up on pregnancy! We decided on a name... Mia Nicole! I am currently 24 weeks.... which means she will be here in 16 weeks.... which doesn't sound all that far away!!

I am a little ashamed to admit that I have been horrible about taking pictures during class, because I am normally really on top of it! But I actually did today because I told myself that I would blog today, even if it was just a short post :)

We have been learning about Oklahoma, the continents and oceans, and landforms. Today we made our much anticipated Edible Landforms Project!

Student materials.

Student example.

We used everything in my mini pack. In this project, students create the following important US landforms: Rocky Mountains, Appalachian Mountains, Mississippi River, the Great Lakes, the Great Plains, and Hawaii. This pack includes detailed teacher directions, a note to send home for materials, all the printables and templates you need, and photos of the project! I promise your kids will have a blast making this US map and will have a good grasp on landforms! Ours agreed that this was waaaaay better than just making a map on paper :)

You pick up your copy for $1 in my little store by clicking HERE or on the picture below!

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  1. Thank you so much. My daughter was so excited when she got home and wanted me to take a picture to send to her grandparents.