Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Back to School Night!

The first day of school was August 20th, and our Open House {aka Back to School Night} was on the 18th! Amy and I got to meet all 48 of our kiddos, and they are a really sweet bunch!! Our school theme this year is "We are the Wave of the Future!" Here is the outside of our classroom. We used scrapbook paper to make little surfboards with our kids' names on them!

At Open House, kids get to meet their teachers, drop off supplies, and the parents fill out some paperwork! The night goes by super fast, and it really feels like a blur! We give each family a checklist of what needs to be done at Open House {where each form should be turned in, which supplies to label, which supplies to keep at their table, which ones to sort in tubs, etc.} Our parents seem to appreciate the checklist, and it ensures that everything gets done! One of the BIGGEST things we worry about is making sure kids get home the correct way on the first day! So we have our parents write it down in a few places :)

These forms are ones I have had for a few years, so I am not quite sure where they come from! The pink "Helping Hands" comes from this pack.

We have two classrooms, so while parents are filling out paperwork, students go next door to sort their community supplies into baskets! It is SO easy to just store the baskets and replenish supplies as needed! The four green baskets also turn into stools for the students to sit on. Killing two birds with one stone :)

I forgot how tiring back to school can be, since I was on maternity leave last year {that was a whole other kinda tired!!} We've put in some long hours, but I can tell it's going to be a great year with this sweet group! :)

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