Friday, October 2, 2015

Plants and Apples!

Happy October, friends! Today finally felt like fall! I. LOVE. IT! 

In the past couple weeks, we finished up our plant unit and did some activities with apples!
We used my Plant Journaling Fun to record our learning during our plant unit. We used our science series to teach plant needs, parts of plants and the plant life cycle. We also conducted a little experiment to help us really see what plants need. We bought three plants. We gave Plant #1 sun only. We gave Plant #2 water only {so it lived under a can}, and Plant #3 got sun and water. Students predicted which one they thought would grow best, and then recorded their observations each day. The kids all predicted that Plant #3 would grow the best, but they thought it was really neat to see the changes in the other two plants over the course of about a week!

We copied our journal sheets two per side to save paper, as you can see below.

We had some fun with apples the past week or so, too! We used some activities from my Apple Fun With Johnny Appleseed pack. The only one I got a photo of this year was our sink/float activity! 

We were also working on addition story problems in our math series, so I whipped up these apple story problems on the fly. I just loved their pictures :) 

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