Thursday, September 17, 2015

Fun With Blends & Win My New Scoot Game!

Hey friends! TGI{almost}F! This year is already going by SO. QUICKLY!! Time flies when you're having fun! I just cannot get over how stinkin' sweet our class is!

This week we focused on consonant blends! I made this little blender of blends to display. I saw this idea on good ol' Pinterest! 

We used these awesome blend cards I found at the Target Dollar Spot a couple of years ago to review and practice. We have the kids say the blend, then the pictures they see. For example, "fl, fly, fl, flashlight, fl, flicker, fl, flash."

Last minute, I decided to make blenders for our kids to add to their ELA journals! Then we brainstormed words with each blend to add to our journals. 

I posted a new pack of Grammar Scoot Games to my TpT store! I am sooo excited to use these in my class! There are 8 games for your students to practice 8 different grammar skills. Skills covered are complete sentences, nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, proper/common nouns, and plural nouns {regular and irregular}. Click the picture below to check it out! Download the preview for sample pages. 

There are 24 cards per set, and each set includes student directions, student record sheet, and an answer key. Here's a look at some of the cards! I plan to print them on bright, colorful cardstock!

Wanna win a copy?? Leave a comment with your email, telling me your favorite grammar skill to teach! :) I will pick a winner soon! THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED.


  1. I like to teach nouns, verbs and adjectives!

  2. These look awesome!

  3. I love to teach adjectives because they are so important in writing too!

  4. I love to teach adjectives because they are so important in writing too!

  5. I love the blender idea! Could you send it to me, please? Thank you!

    1. Sorry it took me so long to get to you!! It is on my work computer, so I will try to send it soon!!

  6. So fun! I love teaching verbs and adjectives!