Wednesday, December 2, 2015

I Teach Second Linky-Fun with the "G" Word!

Hey there! My bloggy buddies from I Teach Second and I are linking up today to share the ideas that we love most! I decided to share about our fun with a mean, grouchy, green guy who we see at Christmastime :) This is one of my favorite units that we do all year! We are starting ours next week!

**In case you were unaware, it is against copyright to use the "G" word in any products on TpT! So if you search, you may want to search words like "mean, green" or "you're a mean one," etc.**

We always read the book, and make a chart about our mean, green guy's character traits. Then we write adjectives to compare his heart at the beginning of the story to his heart at the end of the story. I believe this idea originally came from Cara Carroll a few years ago?!

We then have our kids write about our mean, green friend at the beginning and the end of the story. They add adjectives to his heart, too!

We also work on antonyms. We use a lot of the character traits and words that described his heart and do a whole group matching game. The kids always love this!

Our mean, green friend stole gifts from everyone in the town, and he always drops the gifts off to our classroom so that we can measure them. He wants to be sure that they will fit into his sack! The kids always get a kick out of this :)

Our kids also work on fractions using the gifts that our mean, green friend has stolen!

Our kids love to make these little crafts {template originally from Deanna Jump} and write about how to be like our mean, green guy. 

By the end of the week, the mean, green guy is feeling nicer, so he brings some treats for our kids to graph. He also brings some candy canes :) At the end of the week, we watch the cartoon movie and have some yummy mean, green snacks! 

This is seriously one of my absolute favorite weeks of the year! We cover so many skills, and our students are highly engaged, which is hard to do around Christmas! What activities do you do during your "Mean, Green" day or week?! I'd love to see and hear them!

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