Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sick, bleh! So here's PART of my Oklahoma mini unit!

I have been a little MIA lately. I am home sick from school for the third day in a row. I was also sick over the weekend. I went to school Easter Sunday to make some quick, busy work plans for a sub. I just had NOTHING in me!! What started out as what I thought was a horrible muscle spasm turned out to be a kidney infection and slight case of pneumonia! YUCK. As of right now the earliest I can go back is Thursday! This is longest I have ever been away from a class at one time!

 My WONDERFUL friends Amy and Jeanne have been soooo great and have been getting everything ready for my sub and my kiddos each day. I seriously have the best team EVER and I am so greatful for them!

Before I got sick, we spent time learning all about Oklahoma-it's history, landforms, symbols, the Land Run...  We did research in the computer lab on to find out some of the odd and not so well known facts and symbols. The kids were pretty into this, even though the site doesn't look all that kid friendly :) A couple of the books we read during the week included:

Every year our 4th grade students re-enact the Land Run on April 22! So before my kids went and watched it at high noon, I wanted them to have some background about it! We read the book above and discussed the Land Run and what we would need to bring with us and why. We also talked about whether or not we would be Sooners and cheat and go before noon to claim our land! Then we wrote about it and made cute little wagons. Just cut off the bottom of a paper sack, cut a piece of white paper in half hotdog style, and make a pattern for 4 wheels and  a handle! (My kids also filled their wagon with things they would bring!)

My sub is supposed to have my kids make cute little flip flap window booklet things (I don't even know what to call 'em!) to show some of the symbols that represent Oklahoma. I will try and get that posted. I was also VERY excited to be able to do some state research projects using all of the "Facts and Symbols" books, hopefully I can get to it!!! If I get to go back Friday that is what I plan on doing, so I will try to post that as well :)

Hoping these antibiotics are working!

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