Saturday, October 12, 2013

My Fall Decor! Plus some new puzzles!

I love fall. And I love fall break. We have been off since Thursday. It has been nice and relaxing and I have gotten caught up on some things that I just don't have time for {i.e. deep cleaning my house}. My sister in law came in town from Philly, too!

I went on a mini shopping spree at Bath and Body Works the other day. $3 wallflowers? Don't mind if I do! I should have enough to get me through fall and winter. I also bought these adorable mason jar candles! Do yourself a favor and go get these candles. They will not disappoint!!

Mr. Hubs finally got out my fall stuff so now our house looks like fall! I don't go crazy with fall decor, but I do a table centerpiece, and random sprinklings of fall/Halloween stuff around the kitchen and living room.

I do not decorate the outside of our house for fall/Halloween. That is Mr. Hubs' job... Let's just say he and I have very different opinions on fall/Halloween decor. NOTE: Do not bring your kids trick or treating to my house if they scare easily! I will leave it at that.
I have been loving me some puzzles lately. I made a pack of synonym, antonym and homophone puzzles. They would be perfect for literacy centers or whole group activities. There are 22 synonym, 33 antonym and 42 homophone puzzles, plus posters and student record sheets. Click the picture below to check out it out! You get some free sample pages if you download the preview :)
Have a happy weekend!

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